20 septiembre 2012

VIP Halloween

Supplies Needed: 
Tube of choice. Art by SkyScraps. Find the tube: here
Cluster frame by me: here
Masks by Gems 174 & 212 here
Muras Meister  Copies
Eyecandy 4000
Penta .com: Dot and Cross
Font here and here

Open the cluster. Resize, delete the layers you're not going to use.
Change the size of the canvas to make room for the tube.

Add a new layer at the bottom floodfill with a color from the cluster or tube.
My choice: #1a534d

Effects - Plugins - Penta .com - Dot and Cross:

Activate the font tool:

Write the wording of choice.  I wrote: vip halloween

Effects - Plugins - Eyecandy 4000 - Gradient Glow:

Effects - Plugins - Muras Meister - Copies:

Merge the background with the wordart.

Layers - Load mask: gemsmasks-212

Merge group.

Add a new layer, flood fill with black.

Layers - Load mask: gemsmasks-174.

Merge group.

Adjust - Add Noise:

50 percent

Open the tube, c/p in the canvas. Place it above the cluster. 

Effects - Plugins - Xero - Radiance:

Apply twice.

Add drop shadow:
V: 0 H: 4
O: 55 B: 7

Add copyright and your name. Merge Visible, copy and paste as new image. Export as a png or jpg.

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