06 septiembre 2012

Enchanted Elfin

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice. Art by Antheilo. Find the tube: here
Animation 79 by Simone here
 Texture 03 by Dees'Sign Depot here
Plugin: Eyecandy 4000 HSB Noise
Xero: Radiance here
Font here

Open a new image: 600x200

Flood fill the canvas with a color from your tube.
I have used: #6a825e

Effects - Plugins - Eyecandy 4000 - HSB Noise:

Effects - Plugins - Xero - Radiance:

Open the texture 3 by Dee. Colorize to match with your tube-
C/p in the canvas. Activate the rectangle tool:

Make a selection:

Selections - Invert. Edit - Clear. Deselect.

Duplicate the layer. Merge down. Place it in the center.
Add drop shadow:
V: 0 H: 3
O: 70 B: 12

Duplicate the stripes. Image - Free Rotate:
45 degrees

Duplicate again. Image Mirror:

Merge down this layers.
Duplicate. Image - Mirror. Duplicate. Image Mirror:

Merge all this layers. 

Open the tube, c/p in the canvas. Duplicate and activate the original layer.
Apply Radiance effect, same settings used.
Add drop shadow:
V: 0 H: 3
O: 70 B: 10

Activate the duplicate of the tube. In the layer palette, change the blend mode to: Lighten.

add your name and copyright. 

To animate:

Copy the background layer. Open animation Shop, paste as a new animation.
Duplicate until you have 17 frames.

Open: SimoneAni79-TheBlingSeries-009.psd

Activate the first frame. Select all drag it into the background. Repeats several times until you like
or cover the most parts of the background.

Now, back to psp. Close the background layer. Copy merged the rest of the layers. 
Go to animation Shop, duplicate until you have 17 frames.

Activate the first frame and select all. Carefully drag it into the first frame of the main animation.
Change the speed to: 12. You cand add the bling above the tube is you want.
Play the animation. If you like save and you're done.

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