17 septiembre 2012

Enrich my soul

Supplies Needed: 
Tube of choice. I am using one by Anna Liwanag. Find the tube: here
Cluster frame by me: here
Wordart 007 (template + samples) by me here
Neology: Blend Mosaic
Penta .com: Color Dot
Font here

Open the cluster frame. Delete the layer you don't want.

Make a gradient with two colors from your tube:
My choice:

Foreground: #afc11c
Background: #deed60

Style: Sunburst
Repeats: 2
Invert: unchecked

Activate the layer: frame background. Selections - All - Float - Defloat.

Add a new layer and flood fill with the gradient and delete the original layer.
Effects - Plugins - Neology - Blend Mosaic: 

Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds:

Effects - Plugins - Penta .com - Color Dot:

Open the tube, c/p in the canvas. Place it in the right side.
Add drop shadow:
V: -1 H: 3
O: 70 B: 7

Open the wordart, c/p in the canvas, resize and place it in the left top side.

Add drop shadow:
V: 4 H: 4
O: 30 B: 5

Add your name and copyright.

To animate the eyes:

First make sure the artist allows animation.

Copy merged your tag with a background color of choice. 
Open animation shop. Paste as a new animation.

Add a new layer above the tube, make a lot of zoom:
Pick a color from the top center of the eye, not too light or dark.

Add a new layer above the tube, activate the brush:

Draw the first part of the eyelid:

**Optional, activate the soften brush:

Apply once or twice above the eyelid:

Copy merged, go to animation shop, paste after current frame

Back to psp, be sure you're in the brush layer, draw a little more:

Copy merged.  go to animation shop, paste after current frame.

Copy the first and last frame, after the last one:
you have the frames:
1,2 and 3. Copy and paste again 1 and 3.

The speed is important to make the blink look good :)

These are the speed I've used for my tag:

Frame 1 - Speed: 120

Frame 2 - Speed: 15

Frame 3 - Speed: 10

Frame 4 - Speed: 50

Frame 5 - Speed: 15

Feel free to change the speed to suit your needs. If you have any questions let me know!
Hugs ♥

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