14 septiembre 2012

Haunted Yard

Supplies Needed: 
Tube of choice. I am using one by Gemini Creationz. Find the tube: here
Cluster scene by me: here
Plugin: Xero - Radiance here
Eyecandy 4000 (hsb noise)
Font here

Open the cluster. Duplicate the file.
Delete all the other layers and resize.

Open the tube, c/p in the canvas. Resize and place it.
Add drop shadow:
V: 1 H: 3
O: 55 B: 6

Activate the cluster layer.
Effects - Plugins - Xero - Radiance:

Add your name and copyright. Export as a png or jpg now, if you want a non animated tag.

To Animate:

Grab the freehand selection tool

Make a selection around the windows you want to animate:

Duplicate the cluster 2 more times. Close this layers and select the original

Effects - Plugins - Eyecandy 4000 - HSB Noise:

Now activate the first copy (but don't click in the eye), 
apply HSB Noise to the 2 copies, but change the random seed.

Deselect. Copy Merged. Open Animation Shop. Paste as a new animation.
Back to psp. Open (click in the eye) the first copy. 
Again copy merged and Paste After current frame. Repeat the steps for the last layer.
Press: Alt + Enter to change the speed to 18. If you like it save as gif.
You're done!

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