28 septiembre 2012

Sky's Style

Supplies Needed: 
PSP & Animation Shop
Tube of choice. Art by SkyScraps. Find the tube: here
Cluster  by me: here
Gittes Plugins
Xenofex 1.0
Font here

Open the cluster. Delete the credits layer and leave the one you like.
Resize and expand the canvas.

Activate the rectangle tool:

Foreground: none
Background: #f53993 
Make a rectangle in the canvas:

Click in one of the corners and drag it down to to round the corners.

Convert to a raster layer. Selections - All - Float - Defloat.
Selections - Modify - Contract: 10 pixels.
Add a new layer. Name it: Border. 
Fill with a dark color: #242222
Selections - Modify - Contract: 10 pixels. Edit - Clear.

Add a new layer. Flood fill with any color.
Effects - Plugins - Gittes Plugins - Diagonale Silver

In the layer palette change the blend mode to: Luminance.
Do not deselect yet. Selections - Invert. 

Activate the rectangle layer. The border is selected.
Selections - Float.

Effects - Texture Effects - Mosaic Glass:

Select a dark color to fill, I've used black.
Deselect. Duplicate the rectangle, activate the original layer.
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur:
Radius: 10 pixels.

Effect - Artistic Effect - Halftone:

Open the tube. C/p in the canvas, place it and with the freehand selection tool, 
make a selection around the word to remove the excess of the tube.

Add drop shadow:
V: 2 H: 0
O: 55 B: 10

Add copyright and your name. You can export now as a jpg or png or..

To animate:

Add a layer, flood fill with white or any color. Send to bottom.

Activate the layer: Border. 
Effects - Plugins - Xenofex 1.0 - Origami:

Copy Merged. Paste as a new animation. Back to psp, undo the effect and apply the effect again
but change the Random Seed to: 20.

Copy merged, in animation shop. paste after current frame. Back to psp, undo the effect and apply the effect again
but change the Random Seed to: 35.

Animation - Animation Propieties:
Speed: 15.

If you like it save and you're done :)

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