05 septiembre 2012

Fashion Rock

Supplies Needed: 
Tube of choice. I am using one by SkyScraps. Find the tube: here
Cluster frame by me: here
Pattern transparent squares by me here
Penta .com  - Color dot
Font here

Open the frame, Duplicate the file. Close the original and resize.

Open the pattern, colorize if it's needed. Activate in the material options.

Activate the background layer. Selections - All. Float - Defloat and delete it.
Add a new layer, flood fill with a color from your tube. my choice: #f502bc

Add another layer flood fill with the pattern:

Deselect. Open the tube, c/p in the canvas. 
Add drop shadow:
V: -2 H: -2
O: 40 B: 7

Add your name and copyright. Export as a png or jpg now, if you want a non animated tag.

To animate:

Activate the background layer.
Effects - Plugins - penta .com - Color dot:

Copy merged. Open Animation shop.
Paste as a new animation. Back to psp, undo the effect and apply the effect again
but change the distance to: 7.

Copy merged, in animation shop. paste after current frame.

Repeats the steps 3 more times and change the distance from the plugin to: 

distance: 8
distance: 6
distance: 4.

Now you have 5 frames in animation shop. Select all the frames. 
Animation - Animation Propieties:

Speed: 15.

If you like it save and you're done :)

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