27 septiembre 2012

Butterflies and Pearls

Supplies Needed: 
PSP and Animation Shop 
Tube of choice. Art by Barbara Jensen. Find the tube: here
Cluster frame by me: here
PSP shape  here
Texture JC_028 here
Silver pattern made by me here
Lokas - 3D Shadow here
Font here

*Preset shape and texture: I received it from a yahoo group several years ago
**If you know who made the preset shape let me know to give credit.

Open the cluster frame. Keep the layer background and frame of choice. 
Delete the rest. Resize and expand the canvas if it's necessary.

Open the pattern. Place it in the background in the materials layer.

Make a gradient with two  colors from your tube:
My choice:

Foreground: #99b6ab
Background: #2b3e31

Style: Linear
Angle: 135
Repeats: 0
Invert: unchecked

Activate the background layer. Selections - All - Float - Defloat.
Delete the layer and add a new one.

Flood fill with the gradient.

Effects - Texture Effects - Texture:

Activate the preset shape tool. Select a shape of your choice:

Ensure the foreground is null and the pattern is in the background. 

Create the shape to cover the inside of the frame:

Convert to raster layer. Remove any excess.
Selections - All - Float - Defloat.  Selections - Modify - Expand by: 2 pixels.
Add a new layer, flood fill with a dark color. I used the one from the gradient: #2b3e31
Add drop shadow:
V: -1 H: 3
O: 40 B: 6

Move the layer below the shape.

Open the tube, c/p in the canvas. Resize if needed and place it in the right side.
Effects - Plugins - Lokas Software - 3d Shadow:

Add a wordart of choice. Add your name and copyright. Export now as jpg or png, for a static tag.

To Animate:

Activate the preset shape layer. Copy, open animation shop.
Paste as a new animation. 
Effects - Insert Image Effect:

Delete the first frame. Reserve for later.

Back to psp. close the layers above the preset shape. 
(frame, tube, name, copyright, wordart if you added one)

merge all the others layers: white background, frame background, preset shape border and preset shape.
Rename it: 1. Copy merged.

In animation shop, paste as a new animation. Duplicate until you have 13 frames.
Activate the animation you did before, select all the frames and drag it to the background.
Place it above the preset shape.

Back to psp, close layer: 1. Open all the other layers. Copy Merged.ç
Go to animation shop, paste as a new animation. Duplicate until you have 13 frames.
Activate the first frame and select all. Carefully drag it into the first frame of the main animation.
Change the speed to: 14  and play the animation. If you like save and you're done. 

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