22 julio 2012

Pool Party

Supplies Needed:
Psp (I have used X3)
Tube of choice. Art by Jose Cano, pruchase it here
Scrap kit (PTU) Grillin Girlfriends by Jackies Jewels (part of a collab): here
Font here

Open a new image: 650x600
Open: pool. c/p in the canvas, resize at 85 percent (smart size).
Place it at the bottom.

Open the tube. I'm using a half tube, c/p in the canvas and resize if needed.
Place it above the pool. 
Activate the selection tool:

Make a selection here:
hit Delete key (in your keyboard) or Edit - Clear, twice.

Open: ball2. c/p in the canvas, resize 45 percent (smart size).
place it above the pool, and with the selection tool (same settings used)
remove a small part of the bottom.

Open: grass. c/p in the canvas, duplicate several times to cover the bottom part of image.
Merge down all theses layers, with the lasso tool:

make a irregular selection around the grass to remove the edges.

Open: innertube2. c/p in the canvas, resize 35 percent (smart size).
Place it above the grass next to the water slide.

Open: beer. c/p in the canvas, resize 40 percent (smart size). 
Place it above the grass in the right side. Duplicate. resize 90 percent (smart size). 
Move it a little to the front.

Add more elements the tag:

Always: Resize, sharpen and place as desire. 
Add drop shadow:
V: 0 H: 2
O: 40 B: 5

Add copyright and your name. Merge Visible, copy and paste as new image. Export as a png or jpg.

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