10 enero 2012

Under the tree of love

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice. I am using one by Gorjuss. You can purchase her tubes here
Scrap All for Love (PTU) by Sam's Scraps. You can see it here
Mask 15 by Vix here
Font here

Open a new image 600x600

Open: 3LH11 - PU AFL Paper 2. Copy - Paste as a new layer.
Resize at 70 percent. Move to the bottom. 
Layers - Load mask: vix_mask15 - Merge group.
Duplicate. select the original layer. Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur:
Radius 4

Effects - Texture Effects - Fine Leather:

Grab your selection tool and make a selection:

Edit - Clear and deselect.

Add a new layer. Select the picture tube tool, search for grass 01. Scale: 50.
Click in your image, arrange it, duplicate. Image - mirror. Merge Visible.

Open: 3LH11 - PU AFL Tree 1. Copy - Paste as a new layer.
Resize and place it in the left side of your canvas. 

Open: 3LH11 - PU AFL Frame 2. Copy - Paste as a new layer. 
Resize at 70 percent. Place it in the right side of your canvas.

Select the magic wand tool, click inside of the frame. 
Selections - Modify - Expand: by 2 pixels

Open the tube or closeup. Copy - Paste as a new layer. Move the layer below the frame.
Selections -Invert. Edit - Clear. Deselect.
In the layer palette change the blend mode to: Burn.

Open - Copy - Paste your tube as new layer. Resize if need it.

Apply drop shadow:
V: 1 H: 3
O: 45 B: 5

To finish Add all the elements of your choice.
3LH11 - PU AFL buterfly
3LH11 - PU AFL Fabric Flower 1
3LH11 - PU AFL Fabric Flower 2
3LH11 - PU AFL Flowers 1
3LH11 - PU AFL Flowers 2
3LH11 - PU AFL Heart  charm
3LH11 - PU AFL Heart 2
3LH11 - PU AFL Ribbon 3
3LH11 - PU AFL Ribbon Embroidery
3LH11 - PU AFL Scattered Hearts
3LH11 - PU AFL Teddy 1

Apply drop shadow:
V: 1 H: 2
O: 45 B: 4

Add your name and copyright info. Merge visible. Copy, paste as new image
Save as png or jpg.
You're done with it!!

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