13 enero 2012

Latex Love

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice. I am using one by Zlata M, exclusive for The PSP Proyect Store you can purchase the tube here
Mask by me here
Gradient set 4 - 059 by Lyndie here (login required)
Animation Shop
Dsb flux here
Muras Meister Copies
Eye candy 4000 (Gradient glow)
Font here

Open a new Image: 600x600

Select the elipse tool:
Create on Vector.
Foreground: none
Background: white.

Make a few circles in your canvas. Example:

In the layer palette: Right click to the layer with the circles and Convert to raster Layer
Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add noise:
55 percent

Add a new layer and floodfill with the gradient: lynd04-059 or one that match your tube.
Style: sunburst
Repeats: 2
Invert: unchecked

With the freehand selection tool make a selection around one of the circles.
Selections - Float. Selections - Defloat.
Copy and paste the closeup or the tube, Selections - Invert. Edit - Clear.
Deselect and change the blend mode to: Luminance (Legacy) and/or Screen. Your choice.
Repeat this steps in every circle.

Activate the gradient layer.
Selections - Select All.Selections - Float.Selections - Defloat.

Effects - Texture Effects - blinds:
Width: 2
Opacity: 20
Color: #202020
Horizontal: checked
Light from left/top: unchecked

Effects - Artist Effects - Halftone:

Acitvate the top layer and add a new layer. Floodfill with the gradient but Invert: checked.
In the layer palette: Change the blend mode of the layer to: Color (Legacy)

Select the text tool and a pixel font: FFF Urban with the settings:

I wrote: LATEX LOVE * all in caps. Go to: Objects - Align - Center in Canvas.

Go to: Effects - Plugins - Mura's Meister - Copies:
In the layer palette. Arrange - Send to bottom.

Add drop shadow:
V: -1 H: 1
O: 45 B: 3

Layers - Load mask: DBG_003 - Merge group.

Select the circles layers. Go to: Effects - Plugins - Eye candy 4000 - gradient glow:

Finish decorating with some stars or anything you like.
I choose the tool: Symmetric Shape tool, with the settings:

Make a few stars and apply gradient glow with the same setting used.

Copy and paste the main tube as a new layer. Arrange it in the canvas.
Add drop shadow:
V: -2 H: 4
O: 40 B: 7

Add your name and the copyright info.

Save as png or jpg.
You're done with it!!

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