19 agosto 2012

D Queen

Supplies Needed: 
Tube of choice. I am using one by SkyScraps. Find the tube: here
Cluster frame by me: here
Font here

Open the cluster frame. Duplicate the file.
Close the original and resize the copy.

Activate the background. Selection all. Float. Defloat.
Add a new layer.
Make gradient to combine with your tube.
My choice:

Foreground: #eb00ce
Background: #700373

Style: linear
Angle: 45
Repeats: 2
Invert: checked

Flood fill the selection with the gradient.
Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds:

Effects - Reflection Effects - Kaleidoscope: 

Copy. Open Animation Shop. Paste as a new animation.
Back to psp,do not undo the effect.
Apply the kaleidoscope effect again.

In animation shop, paste after current frame.
back to psp. Apply the kaleidoscope effect again.
Go to animation shop, paste after current frame.

To animate:
Select the first frame, c/p after the last one:

Activate the first frame in animation shop. 

Effects - Insert Image Transition:

Activate the second original frame (now frame 14)

Apply the same effect.

Activate the third original frame (now frame 27)

Apply the same effect.

Now you will have 40 frame. That's a lot for me lol

Select all the frames and go to: 
Animation - Cull animation:

20 frames and the effect looks nice :)

Create a new animation with the size of your original tag.
Select the color of your choice for the background, duplicate until you have 20 frames.

Back to psp. Hide the layer with the effect.
Open the tube, c/p in the canvas. Place it in the right side.
Add drop shadow:
V: -1 H: 3
O: 55 B: 8

Add your name and copyright. Copy merged.
In animation shop, paste as a new animation. Duplicate until you have 20 frames.

Add your background animation to the blank canvas you've created.
I had to do it several times because it's not in the center, so try it until you get it right.

Select the top part of your tag, activate the first frame and select all. Carefully drag it into the first frame of the main animation.
Play the animation. If you like save and you're done.

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