25 abril 2012

Rocker Gurl

Supplies Need
Tube of choice. I've used a  tube by SkyScraps. Find it here
Scrap kit (PTU) Rocker Gurl by Inzipired Creationz: here
Font here

Open a new image: 650x650.
Open: Frame 3. Resize at 85 percent - Smart Size.
With the magic wand, click inside of the three frames. Selections - Modify - Expand: by 4 pixels.
Open the paper: Paper 17. c/p in the canvas. Selections - Invert. Edit - Clear. Move the layer below the frame.

Apply blinds:

Apply Mosaic - Antique:

Open the closeup of the tube, c/p in the canvas. Place it in one of the frames. Remove the excess of the tube.

In the layer palette, change the blend mode to: hard light.
Open the main tube,c/p in the canvas. Resize if needed. Place it in the right side. Duplicate, Apply Gaussian Blur:
Radius: 3

Change the blend mode to: Soft Light.

Apply shadow to the original tube layer:
V: 4 H: 4
O: 50 B: 7

Open: Skateboard. c/p in the canvas and above the tube to cover the legs.

Add elements from the kits to decorate. C/p resize and place them were is desire. I've used:
Boot 2
bow 1
sparkles 1
Star n bones
tattoo 2

Apply Drop shadow:
V: -1 H: 3
O: 50 B: 4

Add copyright and your name. Merge Visible, copy and paste as new image. Export as a png or jpg.

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