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26 junio 2012

Join me

Supplies Needed: 
Animation Shop
Tube of choice. I am using a tube by Redfill. Available here
Scrap kit Join Me (PTU) by Manipulated by Magik. Purchase it: here
Eyecandy 4000
Font here

Open a new image: 650x650.
Open: frame 3. c/p in the canvas. 
Open: frame 2. c/p in the canvas, arrange it above the first frame:

With the selection tool make a small selection around the top:

Edit -  Clear. Deselect. Merge visible. Resize at 95 percent (smart size)

Click inside of the frame. Selections - Modify -  Expand by: 5.
Open: paper7. c/p in the canvas. Resize at 70 percent (smart size). 
Select the part you like. Remove the excess. Move the layer below the frame.
Click inside of the edges, expand by 5.

Open: paper5. c/p in the canvas. Send the layer behind the frame and remove the excess.

Click again inside of the center frame. Expand by: 5. 
Open the closeup of the tube, c/p in the canvas, place it behind the frame. Remove the excess.
Deselect. In the layer palette, change the blend mode to: Screen and low the opacity to: 70.
Open: word art 1. c/p in the canvas, place it in the center.
Effects - Plugins - Eyecandy 4000 - Gradient Glow:

Apply twice. Add drop shadow:
V: 0 H: 2
O: 45 B: 5

Open the tube: c/p in the canvas, resize if needed. 
Add drop shadow:
V: -2 H: 4
O: 60 B: 7
Apply shadow to the frame:
V: 3 H: 3
O: 55 B: 5

Add more elements to decorate the tag:
black flower
bottle cap2
butterfly 2
candle sconce
rose 1
top hat

Always: Resize, sharpen and place as desire. 
Add drop shadow:
V: 1 H: 2
O: 40 B: 3

Add copyright and your name. Merge Visible, copy and paste as new image. Export as a png or jpg.

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