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29 diciembre 2011

Waiting for a midnight kiss

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice. I am using one by Lady Mishka, exclusive from PFD. You can purchase her tubes here
Scrap Kiss me at midnight (PTU) by Bibi. You can see it here
Mask 106 by Weescotslass here
Font here

Open a new image: 600x600
Open the paper: @papel (14). Copy - Paste, as a new layer. 
Layers - Load mask: WSL_Mask106 - Merge group.
Open the closeup of the tube. Copy - Paste, as a new layer. Arrange it in the center.
Load and apply the mask again. 
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur:
Radius: 2

In the layer palette: Change the blend mode to: Overlay. Opacity: 80
Effects - Texture Effects - Rough Leather:

Open the tube, resize if needed. Place it in the right part of your canvas.
Apply Drop shadow:
v: 0   H: 5
O: 45  B: 6
Open: Kiss @Mnight Bibi (20).  Copy - Paste as a new layer. Resize at 70 - Smart Size.

add all the elements you want to finish your tag. I've used the following elements:
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (15)
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (24)
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (25)
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (33)
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (40)
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (47)
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (49)
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (58)
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (64)
Kiss @Mnight Bibi (65)
Open, Copy - Paste, as a new layer, Sharpen after resize these elements.
Drop shadow:
v: 2   H: 2
O: 40  B: 5

Add the copyright info and your name. Merge visible. Copy, paste as new image. Save as png or jpg.
You're done with it!!

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