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14 marzo 2012

Angel of the Twilight

Supplies Needed:
Tube by Sky Scraps from SATC you can find the tube here
Scrap kit Forever Twilight (PTU) by Mystical Illusionz here
Lokas 3d shadow here
Eyecandy Xenofex 2
Font here

Open a new image 600x600.
Open: miz11-tf-ele09.c/p in the canvas. Resize at 75 percent. Apply sharpen and shadow:
V: -1 H: 4
O: 60 B: 7

With the magic tool click inside, expand by 5. 
Open the paper: miz11-tf-paper06. Add a new layer. c/p into the selection. Deselect. Move the layer below the frame and sharpen.
Open the tube c/p in the canvas. and place it above the frame. 
Apply shadow: 

Add the elements between the tube and the frame:

Before the tube: 

Apply sharpen and shadow:
V: -1 H: 2
O: 50 B: 3

Add copyright and your name.
Select the paper layer, duplicate. Apply gaussian blur, radius: 2. Resize at 85 percent. 
Duplicate again resize at 90 and duplicate for the last time and resize to 90.
Now you have 3 blured paper. select the first one from the bottom. Apply Xenofex constellation:
Apply to the last layer too. Now for the middle layer use the following settings:
If you want a non animated tag: Merge Visible, copy and paste as new image. Export as a png or jpg.

To animate: 

Add a white background, Merge visible, copy open AS and paste as a new image. Back to psp undo the last action, apply constellation again but hit the random seed button.
c/p before current frame in as, back to psp, undo, apply constellation with different random seed and c/p before current frame in as.
You will have 3 frames. Play the animation, if you like it, save and you're done (=

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